November 8th, 2011


Письмо счастья...

Получил "письмо счастья":
"Attn Koba

I am Mr.Daniel Addovi,a lawyer by profession.I discovered a dormant account totaling the sum of $9,500,000.00 belonging to my late client,Eng A.Koba. Since the death of my client,nobody has ever operated in this account till date. Moreover, this account has NO BENEFICIARY attached to it. Definitely this fund will be confiscated if it remains dormant for some period of time without any claims. In this regard, I want to present you to the bank as a relative to my late client since the both of you share the same last name to afford us the opportunity to claim the fund.I was having problems sending you message on MAIL.RU. Kindly create new email address in HOTMAIL or GMAIL then use it to respond to me for more details

Waiting eagerly to hear from you soonest
Mr.Daniel Addovi Esq"

Вот, я и стал немного богаче. Правда, тут все буквы нерусские. Поэтому, возможно, я ошибаюсь. На всякий случай, заявляю: ни кроватей не дам, ни умывальников.

Ваш Коба.